Case film

GIL is a Swedish organization fighting for people with disabilities, their rights and opportunities to choose their own individual future. They work hard to highlight disability issues, like inaccessibility, prejudices and shabby treatment.


Produce a campaign that draws attention to and shines a light on society’s collective discrimination of people with disabilities.

Idea and solution

Surveys show that the r-word makes people with disabilities feel like second class citizens. But instead of trying to ban the r-word, we wanted to use humor and self-distance to twist the concept. So we looked up idiotic statements from powerful people around the world and had people with different kinds of disabilities quote them on film. We then packaged the clips as classic inspirational quotes.


We started an Instagram account (@saidbyretards) where we posted our films and conveyed our message. At the same time, we tagged different news outlets and other relevant people in the media.

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